NoNuts Golden Peabutter is a versatile and flavourful product that can be used for spreading or dipping, just like traditional peanut butters… and in much the same way, can also be substituted in recipes calling for traditional peanut butters. It is a great option for people with nut allergies, households that are nut-free, school lunches, classroom treats, and catering events. If you ever had to compromise a menu choice due to a nut allergy – you don’t have to anymore!

NoNut Peabutters behave similarly to traditional peanut butters while you are preparing your recipes. They are smooth and creamy, become thinner when heated, and firm up when cooled. You can use any flavour of NoNuts Peabutter in the recipes listed on this site. Experiment with your favourite recipe, substituting NoNut Peabutters in place of peanut butter, and send us your new recipe to share with other NoNut Peabutter fans!

Here are some of our favourite recipes so far:


All of the recipes above can be made using our Original NoNut Peabutter. Order through

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We love to hear back from you about all the different ways you use NoNuts Peabutter to add flavour to your cookies, squares, chocolates, and sauces! If you have a great recipe idea, please send it to us so we can try it and share with other NoNuts Peabutter fans.

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